BIM scaled

To support you in planning with AVI products, we provide you with CAD details and REVIT families in various formats.



In the download area you will find 2D DWG files for all standard types of the following AVI products:



Building Information Modelling (BIM) has become an integral part of the construction industry.

Use AVI products for your BIM projects.

Revit Families

The following products are available in the download area:

  • Thermokorb®: TK, XII-TK, SL-TK, TKQ
    You can use the Master families with all the stirrup shapes or one of the more detailed families. With the Master families, all the stirrup shapes are available in one family, and you can quickly switch between the individual stirrup shapes. For larger projects or if you already know your stirrup shape, we recommend using the detailed family. This way you can optimise the loading speed and storage capacity of your project. All Thermokorb types can be placed on the plans as a list with the correct Thermokorb designation, or summarised as a quantity take-off.
  • Shear Rinforcing Element QE
    Shear force elements are available in all heights and can be placed along lines using the Revit functions. It is easy to combine them on parts lists.
  • Punching Shear Reinforcement DE+DKD
    Punching shear elements and double-headed stud pairs are available in all heights and can be installed in a rotationally symmetric pattern around columns, at wall ends, and at wall corners using the Revit functions.
  • RIPA Connecting Cage
    All available versions of the RIPA connecting cage can be placed quickly and easily along wall and slab edges. When using the parts lists included, a rounded-up number is determined so that the correct number of RIPA connecting cages is specified when ordering.

File size: 1.35GB