The load-bearing thermal insulation element with an insulation thickness of 80 mm for shear loads

The Thermokorb® TKQ is a heat-insulating, load-bearing connection element between building components made of reinforced concrete. It is used to improve the thermal insulation when connecting internal and external reinforced concrete components subject only to shear forces.

Thermokorb® TKQ


  • Transfer of shear forces
  • One type for all installation cases
  • Small overall dimensions
  • Arrangement of Thermokorb elements results in favourable temperature distribution and heating cost savings
  • High product stability
  • Defined load-bearing capacity 30 kN per rib
  • High installation safety due to almost double symmetric design
  • Simple and comprehensible type designation
  • Guiding details and product specifications for tenders available
  • ALLPLAN and Revit elements for simple and efficient planning
  • Simple designing using software and clearly arranged display of results

Thermokorb® TKQ


The Thermokorb® TKQ consists of a structural truss made of independent ribs and an 80 mm thick expanded polystyrene panel (EPS W30 according to EN 13163). The individual ribs pierce through the EPS panel. In order to avoid corrosion in this area, they consist of C-shaped stainless steel profiles to which two vertical ribbed reinforcing steel bars are welded on each side of the insulation panel.

Thermokorb® TKQ

Installation / Placement

Installation Cases with Thermokorb TKQ

Installation cases with Thermokorb® TKQ for special cases

Thermokorb® TKQ


Thermokorb® TKQ


Date of issue 01/23

Version 10/23

Version 04/24

Date of issue 11/2023

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