The load-bearing thermal insulation element with an insulation thickness of 80 mm for high loads

The insulating balcony connector Thermokorb® SL-TK (heavy duty) is a loadbearing connecting component to be installed between reinforced concrete building elements. It improves thermal insulation at the junction of interior and exterior reinforced concrete building components under high loads. The Thermokorb® SL-TK is used to transfer bending moments and shear forces.

Thermokorb® SL-TK


  • Shear forces up to 514.6 kN/m; moments up to 193.5 kNm/m
  • High torsional and linear spring stiffness
  • Arrangement of Thermokorb elements results in favourable temperature distribution and heating cost savings
  • High product stability
  • Defined load-bearing capacity per rib – splitting possible (1-metre elements and rib elements)
  • High installation safety with symmetrical design
  • Simple and comprehensible type designation
  • Guiding details and product specifications for tenders available
  • ALLPLAN and Revit elements for simple and efficient planning
  • Simple designing using software and clearly arranged display of results

Thermokorb® SL-TK


Thermokorb® SL-TK

Installation / Placement

Installation Cases with Thermokorb® SL-TK TKM Ribs

Installation Cases with Thermokorb® SL-TK TKA Ribs

Thermokorb® SL-TK


Thermokorb® SL-TK


Date of issue 01/23

Version 10/23

Version 04/24

Date of issue 11/2023

File size: 1.35GB

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