The Thermo insulation element with 80 mm and 120 mm insulation thickness

The filling insulation elements are used as additional insulation elements between Thermokorb® elements. The edge insulation elements are used at the edges of thermally separated areas. Thermo insulation elements TDE do not transfer forces.

Thermo Insulation Element TDE


  • Arrangement of Thermo insulation elements TDE results in favourable temperature distribution and heating cost savings
  • High product stability
  • Available with or without fire protection (EI120)
  • EI120 system verification for combination with Thermokorb® elements
  • ALLPLAN and Revit elements for simple and efficient planning

Thermo Insulation Element TDE


Thermo Insulation Element TDE


Thermo Insulation Element TDE


Date of issue 11/21

File size: 1.35GB

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