Lattice girders manufactured according to individual customer specifications

Special lattice girders are lattice girders manufactured individually according to customer specifications. They can be ordered at short notice (minimum order quantity on request).

Special lattice girders GT


  • Individual girder heights, delivery lengths, and wire diameters according to customer specifications.
  • Austrian registration certificate and building authority approval
  • Secures the connection between precast half slabs and in-situ concrete after hardening
  • Load-bearing capacity and serviceability of precast half slabs during installation
  • Spacer for the top reinforcement layer
  • Lower chords as flexural tensile reinforcement
  • Diagonal truss wires do no project over the upper chord
  • Multiple constructive options
  • Welded at all joints
  • Good transfer of shear forces
  • Perfect straightness

Special lattice girders GT


Lattice girders GT are three-dimensional, industrially prefabricated reinforcing elements. They consist of an upper chord, two lower chords, and continuous diagonal truss wires. Truss wires are connected to the chords by means of electric resistance welding.

Special lattice girders GT


The following dimensions are possible for special girders:

  • Girder height H: 70–400 mm
  • Upper chord d3: 6–14 mm
  • Lower chord d1: 5–14 mm
  • Diagonals d2: 4–8 mm
  • Step of diagonals a: 200 mm
  • Width of lower chord ba: approx. 80 mm
  • Delivery lengths: Standard lengths 12–14 m or fixed lengths in 100 mm increments.

Special lattice girders GT

Installation / Placement

Special lattice girders GT


Special lattice girders GT


Date issue 04/17

Version 05/22

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