High quality spacer between two reinforcement layers

The spacer strip hqDS is a universally applicable spacer in the form of a flat lattice framework that is bent out of the plane in the shape of a sine curve.

Spacer strip hqDS


  • Tilt-proof stability
  • No foreign body in concrete
  • Lightweight
  • Design in conformity with German DBV guidelines
    (DBV leaflet “Chairs according to Eurocode 2”: FRd = 0.67 kN/m)
  • Increased stability due to big wire diameters
  • Structural bearing of shear forces
  • Easy length adjustment by bending
  • For bar reinforcement and for wire fabric reinforcement
  • Slender truss system

Spacer strip hqDS


Spacer strip hqDS


BundleModel type
Small bundleLarge bundle
DS 0330.47251000V
DS 0440.55251000D
DS 0550.5625500D
DS 0660,5725500D
DS 0770.5925500D
DS 0880.6025500D
DS 0990.6225500D
DS 10100.6425500D
DS 11110,6525500D
DS 12120.6725500D
DS 13130.8225500D
DS 14140.8425500D
DS 15150.8625500D
DS 16160.8925500D
DS 17170.9125500D
DS 18180.9425500D
DS 19190.9625500D
DS 20200.9925500D
DS 22220.9825400V
DS 24241,0125400V
DS 26261.0525300V
DS 28281,0925300V
DS 30301,1325300V
DS 32321.5125200V
DS 35351.5825200V
DS 37371.6325200V
DS 40401.7025200V
DS 42422.1225200V
DS 45452.2125200V
DS 47472.2725200V
DS 50502.3625200V

*) D … shape of lattice girder (diagonal wires)
V … shape of a ladder (vertical wires)

Weight and dimensional tolerances in accordance with DBV-leaflet “Chairs according to Eurocode 2”

Spacer strip hqDS

Installation / Placement

For the placement of spacer strips hqDS, a distance of approx. 0.50 m between strips is recommended. This corresponds to approx. 1 strip per m² of top reinforcement. In case of thicker top reinforcements, it is possible to widen the pitch between strips.

Spacer strip hqDS


Spacer Strip hqDS


Date issue 10/20

Version 05/22

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