The lattice girder for increased shear resistance

Shear lattice girders S-GT are a special form of lattice girders. The asymmetrical arrangement of the diagonals improves the shear resistance of concrete slabs. Shear lattice girders S-GT are used when the applied shear force exceeds the shear capacity of concrete.

Shear lattice girders S-GT


  • Increase of shear resistance of half slabs and in-situ concrete slabs
  • Secures the connection between precast half slabs and in-situ concrete after hardening
  • Spacer for the top reinforcement layer
  • Multiple constructive options
  • Welded at all joints
  • Good transfer of shear forces
  • Perfect straightness

Shear lattice girders S-GT


Shear lattice girders S-GT are three-dimensional, industrially prefabricated reinforcing elements. They consist of an upper chord, two lower chords, and continuous diagonal truss wires combined with vertical wires. Truss wires are connected to the chords by means of electric resistance welding. All girder types are available at short notice (minimum order quantity on request).

In general, the lower chords are ribbed wires with a diameter of 5 mm, the upper chord is a smooth wire with a diameter of 5 mm, and the diagonals are smooth wires with a diameter of 6 mm or 7 mm. The inclination of diagonals of girders ranging from 80 mm to 140 mm (type A) is 45°. Depending on the girder height, this results in an additional horizontal section of variable length, which is parallel to the lower chord. For girders with a height of 150 mm or more (type B) this horizontal section of the diagonal wires is omitted and the inclination of the diagonals changes with the girder height.

The step of diagonals is 200 mm, as it is for other lattice girders. The height of shear lattice girders S-GT refers to the distance between the lower and upper edge of the diagonals! This differs from the definition of girder height for standard girders, which refers to the outer edges of the lower and upper chords. The length of girders ranges from 0.80 m to 7.00 m in length increments of 200 mm.

Shear lattice girders S-GT


Shear Lattice Girders S-GT


Date issue 03/20

Version 10/23

Version 05/22

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