Founding of the company AVI;
Market launch of the first wire mesh program (1949)

Founding of the company EVG;
Construction of the first mesh welding machine

Introduction of a new wire mesh made of bi-steel

(UNIDIM reinforcement strips)

Relocation of the production to facilities in Raaba near Graz

Invention and market launch of the ÖMAT wire mesh with loops

Takeover of the Marienhütte steel and rolling mill

Construction of the new headquarters in Raaba

Founding of the company H+S Zauntechnik

Strategic investment in the company Stahl-Form Baustahlbearbeitung

EVG’s strategic investment in the company Filzmoser

Takeover of BSTG Linz and the wire fabric production of voestalpine Austria Draht

Strategic investment in the company BSTG and exit from the AVI wire mesh business

Integration of the company Filzmoser into the company EVG,

Enlargement of the AVI product portfolio

Founding of M + S Maschinen und Stahl Holding GmbH, whose 100% subsidiaries are AVI, EVG Marienhütte and Stahl-Form.