AVI is an Austrian manufacturer of concrete reinforcement products, which has been continuously working on the development and production of innovative products since it was founded in 1948. AVI’s service portfolio includes, on the one hand, classic reinforcement products such as spacers, which are sold through building materials retailers in Austria and abroad, and, on the other hand, technical products such as the load-bearing thermal insulation element Thermokorb for precast concrete companies and construction companies. In addition, AVI also supplies companies cutting and bending rebars throughout Austria with their products.


For three generations, the founding family Ritter and their descendants have been moving the market around steel production and concrete reinforcement. What started small with the founding of AVI is now a successfully operating group of companies under the umbrella of the family-run M + S Maschinen und Stahl Holding GmbH.
You can find more information about the group here >>


Through our visionary actions, we have a significant impact on CONSTRUCTION. As early as 1949, AVI developed the first standardised wire mesh program in Europe. Building on this pioneering work, new products were designed and manufactured on an ongoing basis, such as the development of the economical ÖMAT wire mesh with loops. You can find more details about the most important milestones of AVI here >>

Today, AVI’s innovations focus equally on the product as well as the service sector, such as engineering and logistics. The use of new materials and the strong focus on individuality and solution orientation make AVI a strong and future-oriented partner.


Would you like to gain a deeper insight into our company?
Experience the economy up close and book an adventure tour at AVI.

As part of the “Erlebniswelt Wirtschaft” project (“Experience the World of Economy”), AVI, like numerous other innovative companies throughout Styria, opens its doors to interested parties. During an exciting guided tour of the AVI factory, you can gain exclusive insight into the world of concrete reinforcement. Whether school classes, student groups, various clubs or groups of senior citizens – our trained guides are happy to show young and old around the factory.


At the beginning of the tour, you will see a company video showing an overview of the AVI company. This is followed by a tour of the large company premises guided by our trained employees. The machinery and the individual production processes are presented. Information stations have been set up at a total of 11 stations, which are marked by sculptures or wall mounts with AVI products that are visible from afar.

  • Language: German
  • Duration: approx. 90 min.
  • Group size: 5 to 25 people
  • Age: from 15 years
  • Free admission
  • Partially barrier-free (if required, please let us know when contacting us)

Guided tours of the company take place Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. as required.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at T +43 316 4005-0 or by email at erlebniswelt@avi.at

You can also find more information on the website of “Erlebniswelt Wirtschaft” (“Experience the World of Economy”): Website Erlebniswelt Wirtschaft >>

The Steel and Metal Distribution Working Group (ARGE SMD) also visited our factory at the headquarters near Graz.
We gave a little insight into the production of our concrete reinforcement products. Enjoy watching the resulting video on the topic of steel processing: